Tunnel Ventilation

Foresight are Major Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of PVC flexible ventilation duct in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. PVC Flexible Ventilation Duct IS Light weight and flexible Durable and Extremely High strength, Which IS Made of PVC coating Polyester Reinforced with the Yarn that the Provides AA high tear resistance and lower energy consumption.

We have layflat ventilation duct , spiral ventilation duct, oval ventilation duct and special sForhaped ventilation duct. The size, color and various tensile strength grades and optional fire resistance and antistatic property to suit of performance ranges can be customized, PVC flexible ventilation duct is widely use in mining and tunnel during the construction stage.

The polyester yarn is knitted or woven so as to minimize the length and size of any damage. The textile is coasted with strong PVC, which helps to optimize strength and prevent delamination when its exposed to high pressure and stress. The UV PVC coating on both sides of the base fabric scrim make the duct both air and water tight, as well as protection from UV radiation.

Diameter 2100mm spiral tunnel ventilation duct are ready to ship to UAE