Mining Ventilation Duct

Underground mining is a dangerous business, that is the reason why ducting is a vital part of the mining industry. In underground mining, the environment comes with many contaminants which will maybe harmful to miners, include toxic gases and fumes. To avoid ingesting these harmful contaminants.So high performance mining ventilation duct keeps miners safe and the underground work smoothly.

JULI flexible spiral ducting is especially important for ventilation. Due to its ability to bend and stretch, it works well in underground mining shafts that are not perfectly straight. It allows for effective ventilation in even the toughest of circumstances.

The material used making ventilation duct is even more important. Different mines have a multitude of different environments, materials and temperatures. JULI flexible ducting can be customize for each mines, including fire retardant, antistatic, temperature, diameter etc. JULI ventilation duct use PVC laminated fabric and semi- coated fabric to creative different service lifetime to apply to different construction period in mines. Automatic ducting production line is meticulously welded to improve airflow efficiency and reduce leakage.

Chengdu Foresight Composite Co., Ltd. is focus on mining safety and ventilation for more than 15 years, which is why we are proud to offer the highest-quality flexible ducting options.