anti-static ventilation duct

Anti-impact mining flexible ventilation duct – 13,000N/5cm tensile strength

Foresight cooperates with DuPont TM, a world-class security company, and combining its unique antistatic, composite and flame retardant technology, to develop jointly an anti-impact ventilation duct with Kevlar® fiber as skeleton – Armor® flexible anti-impact ventilation duct. Kevlar® fiber is a high-strength high-mold synthetic fiber invented by DuPont TM in 1965. It has five times the strength of equal-weight steel wire and has excellent flexibility, flame resistance, chemical resistance, blast resistance and resistance. It has been widely used in bulletproof products, explosion-proof air baggage compartments, suspension bridge reinforcement structures, fire protection suits, aerospace equipment, etc. Kevlar® fiber is used for underground ventilation industry to form anti-impact mining ventilation duct.

High modulus high strength PPTA as a skeleton, coating with PVC membrane to form aramid coated fabric, tensile strength is more than 13000N/5cm.   

Tensile and tear strength is 5-10 times of high strength polyester fabric, anti-impact, explosion-proof and puncture resistance. 

Great welding property, used for explosion-proof duct, shield, inflatable stopping etc.

Custom fire resistant, anti-static, cold resistance, self-cleaning available