anti-static ventilation duct

Anti-impact mining flexible ventilation duct – 13,000N/5cm tensile strength

Foresight cooperates with DuPont TM, a world-class security company, and combining its unique antistatic, composite and flame retardant technology, to develop jointly an anti-impact ventilation duct with Kevlar® fiber as skeleton – Armor® flexible anti-impact ventilation duct. Kevlar® Read more

Installation Instruction for JULI Ventilation Duct

  1. Prevent the shock and friction from machinery when installation, avoid direct exposure under the sun or the rain.
  2. Ducts must be coupled before suspending, all eyelets with full hooks are suspended straight.
  • Installed and coupled according to the direction Read more

Ventilation method of tunnel ventilation duct

Tunnel construction ventilation  methods are divided into natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation according to the source of power. Mechanical ventilation uses the wind pressure generated by the ventilation fan for ventilation.

The basic methods of tunnel construction mechanical Read more

Tunnel Ventilation

Foresight are Major Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of PVC flexible ventilation duct in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. PVC Flexible Ventilation Duct IS Light weight and flexible Durable and Extremely High strength, Which IS Made of PVC coating Polyester Reinforced with Read more

Mining Ventilation Duct

Underground mining is a dangerous business, that is the reason why ducting is a vital part of the mining industry. In underground mining, the environment comes with many contaminants which will maybe harmful to miners, include toxic gases and Read more