Established in 2006, Chengdu Foresight Composite Co., Ltd. is an integrated manufacturer of flexible and semi-rigid PVC ventilation ducts for underground mine and tunnel with over 15 years of service to customers worldwide. We have a complete industrial chain from base fabric, PVC calendered membrane, lamination, semi-coating and finished products. Product sales outlets are all over the country, and exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions. The company has obtained SGS, ISO9001 quality system certification, D & B certification and multiple product certifications.

Foresight has won more than ten national patents, and its unique ventilation duct fabric antistatic technology won the safety technology achievement award issued by the State Administration of Work Safety. Newly developed environmentally friendly water-based anti-static surface treatment materials makes antistatic index is stable at about 3 x 10.   The company was awarded the honorary certificate of "Excellent Private Enterprise" in 2018, and CEO Mr. Yuan Ye was awarded the title of "Excellent Private Enterprise Operator".




Since its establishment, Chengdu Foresight Composite Co., Ltd. has taken the ISO 9001 quality assurance system as the basic principle of the company's quality management. Through more than 15 years of continuous development and the joint efforts of all employees, it has gradually established :

  • Advanced infrastructure and production and processing and testing equipment and production environment and innate foundation to ensure product quality;                                                      
  • A systematic training and assessment system to ensure the continuous improvement of staff skills and quality awareness;      
  • Refined and predictable equipment management system to continuously reduce equipment failure rate;                                           
  • Systematic management system of suppliers and raw materials to ensure quality control at the source;                                                   
  • Application of advanced tools and methods to ensure continuous improvement of all internal links;                                                              
  • The K3 system has been established. From the purchase of raw materials, the production of semi-finished products and finished products, the factory has a complete set of data links, all products have barcodes, and each product has traceability.